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The new UI of Thunderbird 5 is horrendous!

Thunderbird 5 UI sucks

So last night Thunderbird notified me about an update. I was excited about it and did the update. Once the update was applied I was expecting to see some new features or improvements in the user interface of the application.

Instead of anything I was expecting, I was greeted by the shockingly horrendous new UI of the Mozilla Thunderbird!

It made me ask myself in disbelief "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!!" It is just fucking unbelievable that anyone would fail not to see what a shitty UI it makes.

I had to uninstall and reinstall Thunderbird to convince myself that the UI is by design, and is not an installation bug with the application. That's how much unbelievable it is. Someone must have gone completely crazy at Mozilla.

Advice to Mozilla: Keep the UI simple, revert it back to the previous one. Most important of all: please get a professional to design, review, and approve all user interfaces developed at Mozilla.

If Thunderbird continues this trend of not caring about the UI, it will start losing users. I am already wondering what the best alternative to Thunderbird might be on Windows.

20 Responses to “The new UI of Thunderbird 5 is horrendous!”

  1. BBI says:

    I’m sorry I upgraded too. Using it on a dual core atom netbook. system immediately slowed to a crawl right after the update.

  2. paperwork says:

    Yeah, and it still sucks with the latest editions to 5.0.xxx whatever they are because the section that gives those will only give the 5.0 even though it’s been updated.

    There have been problems with printing TB emails since before 2007 with versions since. TB 5 is the worst. I can’t print any of my emails except to get garbage. There is no clue as to what to do…and there’s no mirror site to download a previous version that was working.

    I’ve tried contacting the forums and the knowledge base without anything even talking about this new problem with the new 5.x.x This is crap. I’ll have to go back to using Microsoft’s email client.

  3. paperwork says:

    Where else can one find support for TB 5.x.x.?

  4. Alan says:

    Google already has an email client. It’s called Gmail. In the browser. Welcome to the future.

  5. Captain says:

    The problem is, you can’t have multiple Gmail accounts opened in the same browser. Or do I need to open them in separate browers?

  6. Dek says:

    Where the techies & programmers bored, like the old Dilbert cartoon mess around with it till you **** it, how to kill a good browser/email client

  7. exintaexi says:

    @Alan, lol at gmail being a mail client.
    TB5 is so ugly that is hilarious I cannot stop laughing at it.

  8. Stefano Zaglio says:



    I’m using thunderbird 12 portable under windows at work and thunderbird under ubuntu at home.

    Try to have to reinstall windows 5 times in 2 weeks (with sp1, fix, fix, office, fix, sp1, fix,sp2, fix,sp3, fix, silverlight, fix, fix, dnet4, fix, fix…and finally restore the pst and reconfigure the account of outlook).

    You will appreciate the ugly interface of Thunderbird that in 10 year has never gave me a single problem.

  9. Captain says:

    Hi there Stefano, glad to learn that the new interface of Thunderbird works for you. I personally like software to have a good-looking and intuitive interface, so much that I am willing to pay for it. Since this post, I have bought Postbox. I love it’s interface, it’s even better than the default mail client on Mac.

  10. Gaetano Arena says:

    Yes, the UI with all the plethora of Bars ad Buttons is horrible!

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