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Nokia’s Ovi Suite is a Worthless piece of Crap

Nokia's Ovi Sucks

I have been a long time Nokia loyal. My first mobile phone was a Nokia and still have a Nokia. No other phone manufacturers' could ever shake my loyalty to Nokia, not even the iPhone. But now it looks like it is being shaked violently like a tree in a hurricane, the hurricane being Nokia itself.

Nothing pisses me off more than badly engineered and badly documented software; and to me Nokia's Ovi Suite looks like a product engineered by a bunch of retarded donkeys!

Shouldn't Ovi Suite be able to sync everything between my computer and my phone? Common sense says yes, but Nokia thinks syncing is only for Contacts, Photos, Messaging, Calendar, Notes, and Bookmarks. What about apps and games? Nokia does not believes in syncing games and apps. How retarded is that?

Not all Ovi installed mobile phones come with Wi-Fi, there should be an option to download apps to the desktop / laptop using Ovi Suite and then syncing them to the mobile phone. In the Nokia Ovi Suite you see a list of recommendations from Ovi, clicking on them you see "Send link to device", there should another option "Download". Once downloaded you should be able to sync everything, including the app and games.

I am using a Nokia E-500, it has Wi-Fi and everything's cool. I realized the retardation and crapiness of Nokia Ovi Suite when I tried to get some games on a Nokia 3710 which has no Wi-Fi.

I have a fuckin huge grudge against Microsoft (for making my life hell as a web developer). I am not going to use any device which uses Windows Mobile. To those who didn't know: all future Nokia phones will be running Windows Mobile.

Nokia officially sucks for me now, it is about time to get me a goddamn iPhone!

7 Responses to “Nokia’s Ovi Suite is a Worthless piece of Crap”

  1. Fred Riley says:

    I am in absolute agreement with Hack.

    I have just spent eight hours trying to download a 32mb map and not for the first time.

    I can’t wait for January until my mobile contract is ended so I can get rid of the useless heap of shit that is masquerading as a smart phone …..the Nokia X6.

    That means anything other than a Nokia as they really are the pits.

    Fred Riley.

  2. Lazengogh says:

    I hate ovi suite so much. I hated PC Suite aswell. I mean wtf… it disconnects randomly all the time, it’s slow, it thinks it lags, then an error pops up. I hate this piece of crap so much sooo much aaarrghh somebody shooot meeee

  3. Andraes says:

    I have a solution: i use the software from my 90’s tamagotchi instead of ovi, thats far better..

  4. tobias says:

    Nokia Suite (previously Ovi Suite) is still an ABSOLUTE HEAP OF SHIT and frankly I haven’t encountered any software with worse functionality, even spyware is less irritating and has an arguably better functionality.

    I am sitting here almost BLOWING UP IN ANGER, having spent three hours after I mistakenly updating from PC suite. Nokia suite SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK. It cannot sync, neither with cable nor Bluetooth. Wouldn’t have been so bad if this was not the only problem, but it trashed the PC suite install as well, it cannot be reinstalled.

    Nokia – You are losing sales and reputation big time on this idiocy – which is a complete shame because the actual phones are top of the line.

  5. coco says:

    yes its a crap software and although my last 4-5 phones were all nokia, the next one definatelly wont be. Good times are over

  6. Billy Jack says:

    Indeed. Surprisingly (to me), the biggest issue is not discussed. I go to do a 1 minute sync and out of the blue Nokia Suite says there is an “important” (ha ha) upgrade. Then I am given the option of either not syncing (which is crap and makes a smartphone useless) or taking an hour to download and install the “upgrade” then and there (and this ignores that half the time the upgrade fails). I am in no uncertain terms not allowed to upgrade latter (or better yet, not at all).

    So I have a new important phone number on my phone and I can either not back it up or wait (waste) an hour or more just to get a simple backup of it. Imagine that every time your car’s manufacturer had a change your car’s steering ups and locks out of the blue and only let’s you drive then and there to the nearest dealership.

    So yes, I am in the same camp–Nokia has driven me to my next phone being an Iphone!

  7. Jameis says:

    This fucking crappy shit! Fuck all the thing whatsoever! Frickin dipshit!
    It disconnects me every few minutes so I cant play the fucking poker and i lose 20 bucks cuz of disconnects nor download the fucking update of Nokia Suite which some dickheads have made.

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