How to install Node.js and npm on Windows#

Installing Node.js and npm on Windows is a very straightforward process.

There are two versions of Node.js that can be downloaded:

  1. Current - the latest version, has more features, a new version will take its place soon. If you like to use the latest features of Node.js and are in a position to decide which version to use for the project, you should go with this version. To download the latest version go to
  2. LTS (Long Term Support) - the last stable version which will be supported for a long time. Projects with lot of dependencies and formalities might want to go with this version. To download the LTS version go to

After downloading the installer, run the installer. After the installation process is complete, type node -v at the terminal:

C:\Users\me> node -v

If Node.js was successfully installed on your computer, you should see the version information printed.

If you get "node is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.", restart your machine.

The Node.js installer will also install npm, to confirm, tye npm -v at the terminal:

C:\Users\me> npm -v
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