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Interpretation of SERP Weight from Googlebot Activities

Can we interpret SERP Weight from Googlebot Activities?

I was wondering if we would be able to interpret the SERP weight of a website from the activities of the Googlebot. By SERP weight I mean the likelihood of the contents from a website ranking well in Google search results, preferably in top positions.

I have no ideas based what these things happen but here are a few queries to ponder. I'll be adding more as I make more observations.

  • I am observing a very high crawl rate on my site. What does it indicate?
    Well, it might not mean much when it comes to SERP weight. Probably you have lots and lots of webpages. Googlebot first finds out how many pages you have or potentially have and then decides on a crawl rate to cover all the pages.

    So just because you see a very high Googlebot activity, does not mean you have heavy SERP weight. The content of the pages would effect the weight though.

  • Webpage gets indexed almost instantly. What does it mean?
    My first and foremost interpretation of this behavior is that your website is considered trustworthy, maybe even authoritative to a certain extent. Second interpretation: Googlebot expects frequent quality updates from your website.

    So it's a good thing to note that your content is indexed almost instantly. But remember, you still have to compete with other websites with similar content. You have good SERP weight, but may need to work on SEO to make the full use of the weight.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would one day be writing about SEO. I hope to write more original and insightful articles on SEO. The recent Google algorithm is supposed to highly favor original content. Also I just invented the term "SERP weight". If Google ranks this article as #1 for SERP weight forever, I can say it is mostly doing a good job. Let's keep an eye on it.

Update 17th FEbruary 2011

A few minutes after posting this post, I found this page on the 4th position on page 1 for "SERP Weight". And today it has disappeared completely from the Google index itself. Try it: SERP weight site:hacksparrow.com

Google, is it a way to tell me "YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT SERP WEIGHT"? Or is it did it detect some false malicious signals on this page? Let's keep watching this page.

Update 27th FEbruary 2011
Hmmm, now this page is on #1 for "SERP Weight". Good job!

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