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IE 9 First Impression – The UI Sucks

My First Impression of Internet Explorer 9

Now that IE9 is released, I downloaded it with much positive expectations - only to be greatly disappointed - again. All these days, while the development of IE9 was taking place, I used to check out the beta versions and think "Man, they gotta do something about the UI". But I assured myself that by now Microsoft must have gotten it, and is gonna do something about the UI in the final release. I couldn't be more mistaken.

The user interface of Internet Explorer 9 sucks so bad that I don't wanna even try using it. Did you notice the guillotined back button? Maybe they think it's a new "fashion". And the address bar and tabs on the same horizontal alignment! I don't know about others but power users have more than 10 tabs open most of the time. The UI department of IE needs to be fired. Steve Jobs must be literally laughing his ass off rolling on the floor looking at IE 9. I am starting to the pity the idiots at Microsoft.

I hope atleast they have addressed the standards compliance issues.

2 Responses to “IE 9 First Impression – The UI Sucks”

  1. Bob says:

    The tabs can be moved to their own row if you right click on them.
    I don’t like the location of the home, favorites and settings buttons. It does not appear that you can move them. I’d prefer to have them in the center.
    Can you turn off the download prompt on specific files?

  2. James Mason says:

    It is a ploy like the “Show Desktop Button moved to the far right”. Now MS wants the users to play ping pong on the bottom and top of the screen. I’m guessing it is good for the gaming industry developing eye/hand coordination skills.

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