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I am officially switching to Google Chrome from Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been my default browser ever since I discovered it in 2006. The tabs, 'anti-IE', open source community, and most important of all - the excellent collection of extensions, kept me hooked to Firefox - for more than five years!

Firefox has been known to be a memory and CPU hog as long as it has existed. There have been times sometime during 2006-2007 when I was so exasperated with the memory and CPU problem that I started using Opera for a while but had to switch back to Firefox because of its excellent extensions, most notably Firebug.

Seven years after Firefox's inception, Mozilla has still not addressed the memory and CPU issues of its browser. The intensity of the problem was reduced with the version 3.0 release, but it hasn't been fixed completely yet. Four years ago Mozilla could have afforded to be complacent about the issue, but not after Google launched Chrome.

Who would have thought Google Chrome would be such a success as an 'alternate' browser? Atleast I did not (yes, I know I am a fool). Most of the market share gained by Chrome is right from Firefox - not from IE or other browsers. Most of the Chrome converts are technical / power users who got tired of Firefox's performance.

While Firefox was my default browser, I had been using Chrome as my secondary browser. That's when I discovered Chrome's performance was much better than Firefox's. The last nail in the coffin was the discovery that Chrome's extension list had multiplied by hundred times compared to what I saw initially. Even Firebug was there! Moreover, extension development in Chrome is super easy compared to Firefox.

As a courtesy to the company which created the browser which I used for more than five years, I would like to point out the issues I noticed with Firefox.

  1. "Non-responding script" after computer (Windows 7) wakes up from sleep mode.
  2. Firefox Plugin Process hogging CPU for NO ACTIVITY WHATSOEVER.
  3. Frequent "Not Responding".
  4. Flash container gets 'cut'. You need to scroll to fix the Flash view.
  5. Lost my carefully arranged tab groups due to a crash.
  6. Content Encoding Error.
  7. Overall slowness.

Hopefully Mozilla fixes those issues before it's too late. All the best to the Firefox team!

If you are looking for a browser better than Firefox, you should check out Google Chrome. To me Chrome is the best browser in the world today. Having said that, I haven't completely ditched Firefox, it is now my secondary browser.

I have heard about Mobile Firefox. But I would be cautious not to install it on my mobile, lest it should crash my phone when I get a phone call while I am browsing the Web using it.

4 Responses to “I am officially switching to Google Chrome from Mozilla Firefox”

  1. klado says:

    I +’d, nice read.

  2. Captain says:

    🙂 Did you switch to Chrome from Firefox too?

  3. Agustín Amenabar says:

    I agree with you, it was the reason why I never used Firefox, just jumped straight from IE to Chrome, but now, Firefox 5 has proven to be absurdly fast, in some situations even more than Chrome. Still, my primary browser is Chrome, with which I manage my Google Apps account, while Firefox is for my personal Google account so I use it as much as Chrome, but have only firebug installed.

  4. Alexander Ewering says:

    I wouldn’t call Firebug exactly excellent. At least for me, and in all installations I’ve used, it spits out more errors and warnings about itself than about the JS application I’m trying to debug. Seriously.

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