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JavaScript Test – Round One

Applying for a job somewhere as a JavaScript developer? Or just wanna see how much of JavaScript you know? Here is something useful and fun for you.

Let's assume I won't consider anyone for the next round, who fails to answer atleast 95% of these questions. Yes, this is the first round 😈

1. What are some negative stuff about JavaScript, the language?
2. What can you do to mitigate the effects of those negative stuff?
3. What are the primitive data types in JavaScript?
4. What are auto-executing functions? Any uses? Popular examples?
5. List all the objects that are passed by value in JavaScript.
6. How is ECMASCript related to JavaScript?
7. What is the shortcut for creating an array and an object?
8. How do you implement namespace in JavaScript?
9. What is a closure?
10. What does the this keyword refer to?
11. Describe the event model of a browser? Any differences in implementation?
12. What is the biggest drawback of AJAX?
13 What is the difference between AJAX in Internet Explorer and other browsers?
14. Who invented AJAX?
15. How to you convert a stringified number to an actual number?
16. How do you convert a number to its stringified version?
17. How do you convert a decimal number to its hex equivalent? To binary?
18. How do you print the character 1st character of the ASCII table?
19. How do you print Arabic characters in JavaScript, without copy pasting?
20. What is a callback function?
21. How do you upload an image without refreshing the page you are on?
22. How do you prevent a form from being submitted?
23. Name some popular JavaScript libraries.
24. What is a JavaScript engine?
25. What would be the simplest code to crash a browser?
26. What is the difference between window.name and name?
27. What are apply() and call()?
28. How do you add an item at the beginning of an array?
29. How do you take out an item from the middle of an array?
30. How do you get the last item of an array?
31. How do you get the last three items of an array?
32. How do you reverse an array?
33. How do you join two arrays?
34. What is reduceRight()?
35. What are the ways to include JavaScript in an HTML document?
36. What are the ways to add event listeners?
37. How do you create custom event in JavaScript?
38. What happens when you don't use the var keyword while declaring a variable?
39. What does delete do?
40. Can you name all the reserved keywords in JavaScript? Try.
41. What is circular reference? Is it a good feature or a bad feature? Why?
42. What is the point of commenting your code?
43. How do you create timers in JavaScript? How do you stop them?
44. How do you draw using JavaScript in the browser?
45. Have you heard of Node.js?
46. What is garbage collection?
47. How do you implement Object-Oriented programming in JavaScript?
48. How do you implement prototypal inheritance in JavaScript?
49. What is a functional programming language? Name some?
50. Is there any difference between assigning a function to a variable and declaring a function?
51. Where can I use the break statement?
52. List all the values that will evaluate to false in JavaScript.
53. Do you use FireBug? What for? What else can it be used for?
54. How do you get the third character of a word?
55. How will you capitalize the first character of a word? The first character of all the words in a sentence?

So, did you qualify for the next round or not?

Don't worry if you could not answer all the questions. Acquiring knowledge and skill takes effort and time. Just work on it and keep working on. I firmly believe learning anything is a life-long process. No one knows everything. No one knows what they don't know. There are probably tons of stuff I don't know about JavaScript. But once I discover what I don't know, I always make sure I don't don't know them anymore.

You can find the answers to these questions on the Web, just google them. All the best!

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