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FLV to MP3 Converter in Node.js

Convert FLV to MP3 using Node.js

Yeah, you read that right. It's a FLV to MP3 converter in Node.js!

The general idea about Node.js seems to be that it is 'serverside JavaScript'. I would like to wake up the world to the fact that Node is not just about developing websites, it is a system programming platform. Web development just happens to be one of the many capabilities of Node.

Just to show the potential of Node.js, I created a very simple FLV to MP3 converter based on ffmpeg. It is named flv2mp3 and hosted on GitHub. As the sole purpose of flv2mp3 is to show the working and potential of Node.js, the code and functionality is intentionally left very very minimal.

Since flv2mp3 uses ffmpeg for the conversion process, make sure you install it first.

On Ubuntu:

$ apt-get install ffmpeg

On Mac:

$ brew install ffmpeg

On CentOS:

$ yum install ffmpeg

Once you have installed ffmpeg, install flv2mp3:

$ [sudo] npm install flv2mp3 -g

Usage examples:

$ flv2mp3 -f jump.flv
$ flv2mp3 -f ~/dwhelper/jump.flv -o ~/mp3s/

So there it is, the shiny new media converter written in Node.js. Hope it inspires you to do more with Node. Keep hacking!

PS: your favorite media converter is also most probably based on ffmpeg.

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