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Browsers and how I use them – A Comparison

Comparison of Browsers

I am a Windows user primarily and there are multiple web browser options available. I have four of them installed: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It sounds strange that I use all of them right? Well, mostly they help to organize browsing themes, and in some cases I am forced to use them. Here's how I use all these browsers.

  • Mozilla Firefox
    I use Firefox for web development and general browsing. There is no browser that can replace Firefox when it comes to web development - none. Also with its thousands of useful extensions, it remains my most favorite browser of all. I recommend Firefox to everyone.
  • Google Chrome
    I use many of Google's services apart from search, so I use Chrome for all Google related stuff. I heard something like they collect user behavior and stuff, so let them collect all my Google related behavior as much as they want.
  • Opera
    Opera is a very very innovative browser. Probably the most innovative of them all. But, the developer tools and plugins lose to Firefox. So I use Opera for stuff that need a separate 'space', or if my Firedfox tabs start to get cluttered.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    I use Internet Explorer for downloading Firefox, if I don't have the installer already. As a web developer, I DETEST it for it's done to my life. I preach against IE whenever possible and recommend everyone doing the same.

So that's about me and my browsers. What browsers have you got installed and how do you use them?

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  1. Wahid says:

    I use Firefox, but youtube videos are slow in FF but faster in Chrome.

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