is not maintained anymore. I may do something with it some day.

I have been blogging about Express.js for quite some time now. Early this year, I was contacted by Packt, enquiring me if I'd be interested in writing a book on Express.

A year ago, I had this idea to write a book on Express, which would be titled "Mastering Express.js", and worked out an early-stage table of contents for it. So when Packt contacted me, I told them that I would, in fact, be very interested in writing a book on Express. Since Packt had decided on the title "Express Web Application Development", I had to go along with it; but I was given complete control over the content.

It took me about five months of weekend time to complete the book, and the book was finally published on 25th June, 2013.

The book retains the usual beginner-friendly nature of my blog posts, but includes all the technical details a more experienced developers might expect from a book on Express. Overall, it covers Express and the relevant technologies thoroughly, and is a must-read for anyone who wants to take their Express.js skill to the next level.

The writing process was quite an experience; I got to learn many things about authoring and how the publication industry works.

I have created a website for the book at It has a forum where each chapter of the book can be discussed in as much detail as we want. Also, it is very likely that I will be posting all future posts related to Express on the forums.

The book had to be tightly focused around Express and its core relevant technologies, in the process I could not cover some of the stuff which I would have want to cover otherwise. However, I can sense a supplementary book coming out sometime next year.


Express Web Application Development was the first ever book to be published on Express.js.

Success wise, it did OK. I did not become a millionaire, but had something impressive to put on my resume. Since the last couple years, I get regular revenue reports of $0.

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