I had designed a theme for my blog a couple of years ago, but never got the time to implement it in code. Yes, that's how lazy I am. So ... after a long long time finally I decided it's time to get myself that secret ancient theme before it goes out of fashion and loses the cool factor.


This was the 2.0 version of my website, filled with leaves, coffee mug stains, and a monkey. The monkey remains till today.

Lazy is the opposite of how I would describe myself today.

The theme, as of now, works excellent in Firefox and Chrome, and is OK in Safari. Is it broken in IE? I don't give a shit. Making my website work in Internet Explorer is among the least of my concerns right now. In fact, IE can go to hell.

The new theme is a work in progress, so things might be broken a LOT of things WILL be broken for quite a while. Bear with me, my 40-50 daily visitors, your captain is on a mission.

How is the design? You like? You hate? You jelly?


  1. Do you use Internet Explorer? If yes, switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  2. Find out why Internet Explorer is the bane of the Internet.
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