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Archive for August, 2011

MongoDB’s greatest shortcoming – 2.5 GB limit on 32bit Platforms

Just as I was about do a test project using MongoDB, I am informed by my host Webfaction that data on MongoDB will be limited to ~2.5GB only. It is not a limitation set by Webfaction, rather it is a limitation in the 32bit version of MongoDB. What the hell?! The MongoDB guys explains the reason thus: "By not supporting more than 2gb on 32-bit, we’ve been able to keep our code much simpler and cleaner. This greatly reduces the number of ...

Node.js: how to exit from the Node console

So you loaded the Node console by typing node at the command line, played around with it and want to get back to your OS command line. Press Ctrl+C (even on a Mac, especially on a Mac!), or just call the process.exit() method to exit from the Node console. [code] $ node > 9+23 32 > process.exit() $ [/code] There you go! ...