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iName – PHP Function to Format and Generate iProduct Names

The iName is a commercial PHP function used for formatting and generating product names which comply to the iProduct naming convention. According to the iProduct naming convention, the name of the product should be prefixed with a lowercase "i" followed immediately by the capitalized normal name of the product. The iProduct naming convention was pioneered by Steve Jobs at Apple. Examples of products which comply to the iProduct naming convention: iMac iPhone iCamera ...

Turning on PHP Error Reporting – PHP error_reporting()

PHP error_reporting has a changeable value of 'PHP_INI_ALL', which means you can set the value anywhere in the system. To turn on PHP Error Reporting in your PHP file add this at the top of the file: [php] ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT); [/php] The same can be achieved using the .htaccess file. To turn on PHP Error Reporting using .htaccess file add this in your .htaccess file: [code] php_fla ...