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WordPress: Multiple Galleries in one Post

How to add multiple galleries in a WordPress post

The WordPress gallery shortcode does an excellent job of creating a gallery out of uploaded images for a post. But what do you do if you want to break up the uploaded images into multiple galleries in the same post?

It is easy - all you have to do is use the include parameter of the gallery shortcode. First make a list of the ids of images you wanna put in your galleries, get them from Media > Library. Look at their attachment_ids, that's what we want. The following is an example of how to add multiple galleries per post.

This is my First gallery
[gallery include="12,68,743,62"]

This is my Second gallery
[gallery include="7,567,32,553"]

When you use the include parameter, you explicitly specify which images are to be used for the specific gallery. That way you have a very flexible gallery system; not only can you have multiple galleries on a single pages, but those galleries can contain images uploaded for other posts as well.

TLDR: Create customized galleries eg: [gallery include="12,68,743,62"] (where those numbers are attachment_ids of the images) and include them in your post.


  1. Wordoress gallery shortcode
  2. WordPress shortcode API

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