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Vhost not Working in WAMP – Solution

Vhost not Working in WAMP

So you installed WAMP and want to make it serve many websites from it. You are smart and know it's done using vhost. You enabled vhost_alias_module by going to the Apache Modules menu.

But it is not working! You doublecheck that your hosts file entries are in place. You even have made the right entries in httpd-vhosts.conf file in the Apache configuration directory (it's located in the extra folder, in case you didn't know).

Should it just work? Come on! Well, WAMP does not really automate everything for now, that's why it's not working. The solution is provided below.

If you did not make the vhost directive entries in the httpd.conf file, you need to ask it to load
Open httpd.conf and uncomment Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf. Voila! It works now!

There may be other reasons why vhost may not work, but this is one of the most common cause in WAMP.


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