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Interesting Niche Search Engines

A Collection Niche Search Engines

A niche search engine is a search engine which specializes in a particular niche. What purpose does it serve while we have Google and Bing to perform our searches? Well, they are targeted at a particular topic so the amount of irrelevant content is reduced and the context clearer.

Here is a list of interesting niche search engines I discovered. Check them out.

  • The Big Cartoon Database
    The BCDB is a huge collection of data possibly about every cartoon animation ever made.
  • Webduko
    Webduko is a search engine for searching websites targeted at a niche market. Type in a keyword or key phrase and you are presented with the most relevant websites in the niche.
  • Bizrate
    Bizrate is a price comparison search service. Excellent for online shoppers, helps you choose the cheaopest options.
  • Wink
    Want to find the details about someone? Use Wink to do personal lookup on someone based on multiple factors like name, location, email, phone number, career etc.
  • Like
    Like is a niche search engine for clothing, accessories, and apparel. It is such a great service that Google acquired it. Check out Like.com if you are looking for specialized accessories, apparel, and clothing for men, women, kids, and home.

I will be keeping this an active list, meaning more niche search engines will be added from time to time.

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