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How to change Aptana background color on Mac OS

Aptana color settings on Mac OS

I have settled on Aptana Studio 3 as my project development IDE on the Mac. The first thing I wanted to change was it's color settings - I hate dark background setting in text editors.

I tried fiddling around with the Aptana settings using my common sense, but Aptana turned out to be quite tricky in 'hiding' the background-foreground color settings. So I did a quick Google search, only to find instructions for Windows, which only confused me further. Finally I used my super-genius mental powers to locate the color settings and configured it till it died of being configured, meaning I won Aptana in the end.

To change the Aptana color settings on Mac OS: Application Menu > Preferences > Aptana Studio > Themes

Hack the shit out of it!

If you are not too good with colors, you might to want to use a theme from Eclipse Color Themes. As for me, I just configured the in-built "Mac Classic" theme just a bit.

Hey Aptana, what's up with the default black background? It sucks. Keep the default to natural default - dark text on light background.

3 Responses to “How to change Aptana background color on Mac OS”

  1. Kirby says:

    Hell, I did change the ‘theme’ and the fricking black background wouldn’t go away. Back to NetBeans. Aptana has always been flakey as hell. Never has installed ‘out of the box’ except this last time. Always had problems on Linux. Always something screwed up.

    And then the stinking black background. What the hell is wrong with those guys?

  2. Captain says:

    I feel your pain, bro.

  3. Javyer says:

    wow, I almost freaked out…thanks for your help!

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