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Debating about SQL vs. NoSQL, Redis vs. MongoDB vs. CouchDB etc?

SQL vs. NoSQL, Redis vs. MongoDB vs. CouchDB -What to use?

Here is a collection of articles to to help you get a better idea about NoSQL and its options. They will also probably answer your Redis vs. MongoDB vs. CouchDB vs. MySQL query. It did for me, the answer is is not that exciting - "use the right tool for the right job" 😀

  1. What the heck are you actually using NoSQL for?

    An excellent write up of where NoSQL works best and don't. Read this before touching any NoSQL, whichever it might be.

  2. NoSQL: If Only It Was That Easy

    BJ Clark, shares his experience working with all sorts of NoSQL databases and MySQL. A must-read if you want to understand the performance strengths of various database options.

  3. MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL Compare Grid

    MongoDB's official comparison between MondoDB, CouchDB, and MySQL. Will make a lot of sense to more advanced database users.

  4. Comparing Mongo DB and Couch DB

    CouchDB and MongoDB are the closest when it comes to similarity. Here is MongoDB's official comparison between MondoDB and CouchDB.

I'll add more high quality articles related to the topic as and when I find them. Till then, see ya!

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